Thursday, August 7, 2008

Cheap Iink Cartridges - Can They Affect My Printer's Guarantee?

Separate to the cautions issued by the makers of printers that Cheap Ink Cartridges "MAY" extinguish your printer guarantee, this is not the case.

In essence, it is not permitted by law to extinguish a warranty for using a compatible cartridge, no matter what the product.

The best known example of this is in the car industry. Not so long ago motor vehicle manufacturers were highly aggressive in implying that they would not honor the responsibilities on the motor vehicles if they were not serviced with the genuine components. It was also suggested that the car had to be serviced in their own work shops.

Governments across the world have implemented consumers protection laws to prevent this sort of aggressive activity.

Subsequently manufacturers have had to remain careful in the way they decide to structure the details of their guarantees. That is why you will see the terms "might" and "could" extinguish your guarantee.

Apart from these rules,there is still now a concern for some consumers that the guarantee is in jeopardy if they do not use the genuine product. Obviously the manufacturers are adept in creating concern in the consumers eyes.

In essence, no one has the right to extinguish a warranty for the use of a non-original consumable part. The rules that are in place just pass on the responsibility of fixing the printer to the provider of the faulty part and subsequently onto the manufacturer of that particular part.

In the most unusual event you receive a Cheap Ink Cartridges which damages to your printer weather it be a generic or refilled product, the person now responsible for repairing your printer is who ever provided the damaged cartridge to you.

When Will I Learn If A Cheap Ink Cartridges Have Damaged To My Printer?

So lets say your printer is no longer functioning and you have taken it to, or talked to the manufactures authorized repairer. They have told you that the fault has been caused by a non-genuine or refilled product.

Initially what you should do is ask them to put that comment in writing on their official letterhead. If they object, just explain that it is your understanding that the guarantee is in reality not voided, but referred on to the supplier of the damaged Cheap Ink Cartridges, and that you need their letter to deliver to that retailer to make your claim.

You might also advise that you are sure you will need to get a second opinion, as you are of the opinion it is the right of the retailer of the damaged cartridge to get an independent opinion.

It is advisable to be sure that the faulty Cheap Ink Cartridges remain in the printer, or are at hand for you to take away.

Next I would take a look at your area phone book to see if you can locate a near by independent technician for printers. This might not be that simple as the current low cost of purchasing new printers has resulted in a chuck it away attitude to faulty printers. Anyway it would be a great idea to have the name of a technician to provide to the retailer when you advise them of the fault if possible.

The supplier of the Cheap Ink Cartridges may require some time to go over your claim and this would be fair provided a definite time frame was advised for you to be advised of the Opinion.

If the retailer has a conflicting view of what the problem is, then request that they put those comments in writing on business letterhead.

If there is a difference of opinions, I recommend that you just advise both parties of your intentions to notify the local relevant Government organization to mediate on the situation.

Tell them they have two/three days to reply before you take this path. enclose all relevant paper work. Hopefully you will cause someone to accept responsibility to rectify the fault. If not, it becomes your decision to take legal action. Unfortunately this can be more trouble than it is worth.

So good luck, do some research and I am certain you can locate a good retailer of Cheap Ink Cartridges for your printing needs, and avert this type of issue in the first place by purchasing from a reputable retailer.