Monday, July 14, 2008

Download EPSON Stylus C82

This service manual contains information for the EPSON Stylus C82 and this manual contains information necessary to test, calibrate and service.

Table of contents EPSON Stylus C82 Printer Service And Repair Manual

  • Product Description
  • Operating Principles
  • Troubleshooting
  • Disassembly & Assembly
  • Adjustment
  • Maintenance & Setup
  • Appendix

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This manual has been issued by Canon Inc. for qualified persons to learn technical theory, installation, maintenance, and repair of products. This manual covers all localities where the products are sold. For this reason, there may be information in this manual that does not apply to your locality.

This manual may contain technical inaccuracies or typographical errors due to improvements or changes in products. When changes occur in applicable products or in the contents of this manual, Canon will release technical information as the need arises. In the event of major changes in the contents of this manual over a long or short period, Canon will issue a new edition of this manual.

Table of contents

This manual is divided into five parts, and contains information required for servicing the product. Each of the above parts is further divided into the following four chapters:

Chapter 1: General Description
This part explains product specifications and the how to service the unit safely. It is very important, so please read it.

Chapter 2: Technical Reference
This part explains the technical theory the product.

Chapter 3: Assembly and Disassembly
This part explains the assembly and disassembly of the product.

Chapter 4: Maintenance and Service
This part explains how to maintain the products for adjustment and troubleshooting and service
operations and service switches.

Chapter 5: Appendix
This part explains the informations of the optional products and user data flow.

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lexmark Optra W810

Review for Resetting printer lexmark Optra W810

  1. Enter the Configuration Menu by holding down the SELECT and RETURN buttons while powering on the printer until the display reads PERFORMING SELF TEST. After the self test the display will read CONFIG MENU
  2. Press the right arrow side of the MENU button until MAINT. COUNTER is displayed
  3. Press the SELECT button, then scroll to RESET TRANSFER or RESET FUSER and press the SELECT button again to reset
  4. Press the RETURN button to return to the Configuration Menu and press the left arrow side of the MENU button to exit the Configuration Menu.

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i320 i255 resetter

Waste Ink Counter Reset.
Step Manual Temporary
1. Unplug power and USB.
2. Open door and hold power button.
3. Connect power.
4. Close door, then release power button.


Step 1: Manual Temporary
1. Turn off the printer. And disconnect the printer cable.
2. Press and hold the POWER button, turn on the printer.
3. The indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
4. Press and release the RESUME button , the indicator (L.E.D.) should be orange.
5. Press and release the RESUME button again, the indicator (L.E.D.) should be green.
6. Release both buttons.

step 2 : Software for Permanant
1. Reconnect the printer cable.
2.Open General Tools software and select (USB PORT)
3.Choose (SET DESTINATION 1) And it should be reset.

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iP 1200, 1300, 1600, 1800, 1880, 2200, 2500

iP 1200

Resetter Canon

iP 1200, 1300, 1600, 1800, 1880, 2200, 2500 for :
reset Ink Counter
Reset Waste Ink Counter
Print Head Cleaning
Dry Level
Change Model
EEPROM Operationand Print Head Test

iP Tool here
EEPROM Printer Canon ip6210D/6220D/MP170/MP450/2200/ip600 here
MPTool MP150/MP160/MP170/MP180/MP450/MP460 and here

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Resetter canon

Resetter canon ip1000:

Resetter canon ip1600 :

Resetter canon ip1500 :

Resetter epson c67 :

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