Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How to Maintenance the Printer?

Every printer needs an occasional tune-up, particularly if it has not been used for a long time. When lines or poor colors appears in prints, it's time to do a nozzle check. The maintenance process consumes ink, so don't use it unless necessary.

Maintenance tools are accessed through the printer driver. Once the procedure begins, let it run full cycle before shutting the printer off.

Nozzle check

When printouts become faint or certain colors fail to print, test whether the print heads are working properly. Use the utility that performs a nozzle check pattern. If the printout shows gaps, clean the nozzles.

Cleaning print heads

If the nozzle check indicates that a cleaning is need, or if the printer is completely clogged, clean the print heads. The process removes blockages in the nozzles. Run additional nozzle checks since sometimes cleaning must be performed more than once to be successful. Some printers have a deep cleaning option.

Print head alignment

If lines and colors look out of kilter, or there is banding, align the print heads. The process aligns the heads correctly.

If cleaning and alignment do not solve a problem, contact the manufacturer for the cost of repair. If your printer is no longer covered under warranty, assess whether repair costs are worth it. Sometimes buying a new printer, particularly those that come with a full set of ink cartridges, is the best option.

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