Thursday, April 14, 2011

Reset for Samsung ML-1660

1.I Remove Other All USB Device Except Mouse.
2.TurnOff Computer.Join The Printer While Computer Is Still Close.
3.Open The Computer.
4.At Printer,I Press One Click Print Buttom.At Print Paper I Also Saw Printer Condition Page.
5.Run The f1660.exe.While Running I don't know this language,I see all word is I can read only V30 Original Firmware Version & V30 Patch Firmware Version.Appear dos window and See Press Any Key To Continue."Need To Press Any Key"

6.I click V30 Patch Fireware Version.And Watch At Printer,After a few seconds, the LED glows orange on the printer,Then Green light blinks 3...4 Time,& Then Still Green.

7.I Remove the print cartridge. Refill Toner ,Seal with tape the chip. Insert the cartridge into place.
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