Friday, December 24, 2010

Panasonic kx-p7100 clear steps I have taken with Win XP:

open front door - look for stalled paper
- remove toner cartridge if needed to remove paper - resets some jam conditions
- pull partially fed paper up from feed tray if evident

open back door - look for partially fed paper, may need to pull out toner cartridge
- remove paper if jammed

cycle power - turn off, wait for 5 seconds or until Win XP sounds bell or reports USB disconnect, turn on -- this resets the software in the printer and the USB handshaking and the USB driver software in Win XP

-- OS S/W steps -- Caution sensitive possibilities of damge:
The following helps the drivers work more autonomously, and sometimes correct for errors

Open up Control Panel + Administrative Tools + Services
- Print Spooler : Restart

- Note that I changed the behavior of the Printe Spooler to automatic restart after 1 minute in case of error