Tuesday, October 27, 2009

mptool reset mp190

canon mp190
1. Start with printer OFF
2. Hold down STOP/RESET and then hold down POWER
3. Release STOP/RESET (don�t let go of the power just yet)
4. press STOP/RESET twice, then release POWER
5. let green light blink until printhead has finished moving.
6. Run Service Mode Tools Version 1[1].050
7. Set location Set: ASA (Asia Pacific) depends on your location
8. Put paper in paper feeder Set Clear Waste Ink Choose: Main&Plater
9. Test Print Click Cleaning1 Button
10.Clear Waste ink Click Main Button
11.if theres no longer activity in the printer press Stop/Reset Button.It will print waste ink status (D=000.0 Ps=000.0)
12.Click Platen Button. It will print waste ink status (D=000.1 Ps=000.0)
13. Turn off and ON printer
14. Enjoy!!!! Printer waste ink absorber counter was succesfully reset.

Procedure on how to Reset Canon MP198 Ink Level