Tuesday, September 23, 2008

about MP390 Waste ink tank full

The pad that was mentioned (15cm by 5cm and 2.5cm wide) is almost lying on the plastic base at the very bottom of the printer and you quite literally have to remove almost everything to get to it (I ended up breaking it as was convinced I would never remember where all the bits and cables would reconnect to, but I wanted to at least see this pad mentioned before giving up). The pad itself was only 20% covered with ink the rest being white and dry. Could probably have just reset printer and left it and been fine for years yet! The chance of it spilling over and out of the area it is in is very slim would have to have a lot more than the 3 years of use I have given mine. The pad was barely damp in the most soaked end and I was prepared to soak in Isopropyl Alcohol and dry it if I had been able to get it back together.

If anyone wants to attempt this again, suggest you cut open from the base ie. there is a groove in the base near front of printer like a letter d with a thinner part and a thicker part for the round part of the d. Start at the top of the thicker part of the D and cut towards the rear 10cm then parallel to the rear for 15-20cm then back to the long part of the d for 10cm and break this section off. Use a good box cutter. Find and clean the pad using alcohol. Then place back and tape it shut (can't see it under there anyway)...then reset and go! Had I known what I know now that is what I would have done.