Friday, August 1, 2008

Lexmark colour laser C530dn


I hope this is the correct newsgroup to post my question:

We bought a Lexmark colour laser C530dn. This printer is sold as an office
printer which has a network card installed inside.

After printing errors we were told by Lexmark support that any file that
is probably more than 8MB will not print properly because it is too large
for the printer's internal memory (128MB) because it automatically
multiplies the file by 10 (can't remember why), and with the memory
already taking up other resources.

I find this amazing especially as it is being sold as an office printer
because I thought you could throw lots of things at it and it will handle
it. We might has well bought a printer that use a PC's memory OR one that
CAN use it.

What I don't understand is that we use to have an Epson C1100N that also
has 128MB but I'm sure we never had this problem before. Am I missing
something that should be in the Printers 101 Classroom?

We have a pdf file that is 75MB that we would like to print. Does it mean
we now have to break into little pieces or is Lexmark support wrong?

Many thanks for your attention and any advice you can give us.