Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Are There Cheap Cartridges For Printers?

Due to the expense of ink cartridges, consumers have launched the search for discount ink cartridges or printers with cheap ink cartridges. Looking for used printer ink cartridges has become almost a have to for people who depend on printers for their business. The business of manufacturing printer ink cartridges generates millions of dollars. It is a well known fact with certain brands of printers the ink cartridge costs more than the printer. Not to mention that this printer comes with a brand new ink cartridge for the cheaper price.

Cheap Ink Cartridges

There are generic ink cartridges that are not as expensive as buying the brand name. For many people this is the only way to go. They need the ink but they cannot afford to buy name brand every time they need new ink. Sometimes discount ink cartridges can be purchased if you are lucky enough to find them.

One thing to be concerned with when it comes to buying used printer ink cartridges is the company from which you are buying your cartridges. If the company that is selling the used cartridge is a company that stands behind their product, they will give you a guarantee that their cartridges will not harm your printer. Make sure this is one of the things you look for when using generic ink cartridges.

All in One Printer Cartridge

Many people have purchased the all in one printers and the cartridges that they use seem to last a fairly long time. This really depends on how much the printer is used. However, the all in one printer cartridge is not an expensive cartridge to replace.

Take for example the Dell All in One printer - this printer has an ink management system that will let you know when it is getting low. Most of these use two ink cartridges, one for black, and the other for the color. However, the general consensus is this printer does a very good job on the photos it reproduces. The dell all in one printer ink cartridge offers ease of use and high quality printing every time.

Old Toner Cartridges

There are many printers, especially ones used in offices, that still use a toner ink cartridge printer. These printer toners can be refilled however, it is expensive. The old toner cartridges should be kept for refilling in the case of an emergency, because the ink toner cartridges have to be ordered most of the time, when one goes down you are basically out of business.

There are ink shops that do refill these old toner cartridges, however they are expensive. One of the ways of saving money when purchasing a printer is to opt for a Lexmark. The re-manufactured Lexmark ink cartridge is actually a cartridge made for Lexmark. The re-manufactured one is an empty that has been refilled. It is cleaned, inspected, and tested before being refilled with ink to be sold as a re-manufactured ink cartridge.

The great thing about buying from Lexmark is their satisfaction guarantee. The cartridge that you purchase for use in your printer has passed all the stringent tests and if some harm should come to your printer, Lexmark will stand behind their product.